"In this realmwe are constellations—dwelling above the skies that we once thrived beneath."

"And most beings who come here...know why they come here. They've left actions and words unfinished, unheard...but they refuse to set themselves free."

"Do you wish to know how to leave this place?"


delphinus is an interactive fiction game made using Twine.

this game was a project for school! this was the first time i've used Twine, and delphinus took me approximately two weeks to complete. 

* there are three possible endings to delphinus.
* if you find yourself stuck in the same area, try clicking options you've previously chosen in the case that something has changed.
the images will not load if you are not connected to the internet! 
* the game might take a few minutes to load—refresh if it doesn't load!

SPOILER TIPS (reverse to reveal): 
* different endings: .stca reyalp eht etanoissapmoc dna citehtapmys woh ot etaler sgnidne eht 


story and art by artsy_vii


paint tool sai 


date completed: 
january 29 2018


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Really liked the art and story!

thank you!!!