You sit at your computer desk by the window, accompanied by the occasional sounds of the outside. It’s a tranquil Saturday, and you have taken a break from intensive game design courses to relax this afternoon.

During your break, you are notified that you’ve received an email titled, “HoDG”. A file is attached. Out of sheer curiosity and naive impulsiveness, you download it.

Tapping the mouse's left clicker, you start up the game application and press the start button.

“0%. LOADING...generating text...27%. LOADING...building assets...50%. LOADING... ERROR. UNABLE TO LOAD.”


the player, the character is an interactive fiction game made using Twine.

this is a final game project for a history of digital games class at my school! it took me approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.

the project's requirement centres around a story which creatively implements authors's quotes from "Debugging History: A Critical Lexicon", the primary textbook of the course, into some kind of narrative.

* the images will not load if you are not connected to the internet! 
* the game might take a few minutes to load—refresh if it doesn't load!
* if you find yourself stuck in the same area, try clicking options you've previously chosen in the case that something has changed. 


credits:  story and art by artsy_vii


programs: clip studio paint, twine


date completed:  december 5, 2018