"Time for bed. I won't need these dolls anymore."
**TW:  slight sudden loud sound effects.  lower audio before playing.**

REVERIE is a pixel platforming game made using Construct 3. 

this game was a partner final project for school! it took us approximately four weeks to complete. 

* there are two possible endings to REVERIE.
* too small? to play the game in full screen, click run game, then select the icon in the bottom right corner.

SPOILER TIPS (reverse to reveal): 
true ending:  .neercs lairotut eht no sretsnom eht lla skcatta aran fi
* false ending: .neercs lairotut eht no sretsnom eht fo yna kcatta ton seod aran fi
* chase scene: .aera eht raelc ot aran detrevni ta oob .sdaol neercs eht nehw thgir gnivom peek neht pmuj yletaidemmi ,etteuohlis eht morf yawa gninnur ytluciffid gnivah era uoy fi


story by alteriette and artsy_vii
programming by alteriette
art by artsy_vii
main music track by artsy_vii
all other sound effects by 
SOUND Effects Public Domain


construct 3 
linux multimedia studio


date completed: 
march 16 2018

(because we used the free version of construct,  price donations are turned off for this game.)


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:'( rip

hello! i absolutely loved the game,but i dont get whats different between the two endings? i did both but got the same ending screen and everything!

hi!! can you clarify what you did for each route? one route requires that you attack all the monsters on the tutorial screen, and the other requires not attacking any. 

This game is really cool but it's kinda slow.

 yeah agreed,  as the creators, we didn't realize at first because we were used to it, but the movement is definitely noticeable for outside players. thank you so much for your feedback, i'll definitely watch out for that in future games! ^_^